These 7 Hole In The Wall BBQ Restaurants In Missouri Are Great Places To Eat

Calling all BBQ lovers! Great food doesn’t have to come from fancy restaurants or big-name chefs. Some of the best restaurants in the country are hiding behind unassuming exteriors, and these places certainly fit the bill. These 7 hole in the wall barbecue joints prove that the small eateries can still serve up big flavor in a no-frills, casual environment. Missouri is a state known for having great barbecue and these restaurants prove that you don’t have to wait in a huge line in the big city for a fantastic meal. So start working on your appetite and check out these 7 best BBQ restaurants in Missouri. They’re worth a drive from any corner of the state, and after one bite you’ll become a customer for life. In no particular order, here are some of our favorite hole in the wall BBQ restaurants in Missouri.

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Missouri has so many BBQ restaurants peppered throughout the state, this list could go on forever. Have you tried any of these hole in the wall restaurants in Missouri? What joint is your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments below. And for even more incredible BBQ restaurants, be sure to check out our previous article here where we highlight some of our favorites. For even more hole in the wall restaurants in Missouri, click here.

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Best BBQ Restaurants in Missouri

September 21, 2019

Is Missouri known for BBQ?

Yes, Missouri is known for its own unique style of BBQ. One of the most popular styles of BBQ is Kansas City-style BBQ that originated from Henry Perry in the early 1900s in Kansas City. Kansas City is the birthplace of dry-rub BBQ and people travel from all over the country to try some of the best BBQ in the United States. While Missouri is known for its specific style of BBQ, you’ll also find many other styles of BBQ within the Show Me State, including eastern North Carolina- style, Texas-style, or Alabama-style.

What style of BBQ can be found in Missouri?

You can find every different style of BBQ in Missouri. From North Carolina to Alabama style, there are local restaurants in Missouri serving multiple styles of BBQ. But you’ll almost always find Kansas City style and St. Louis Style, two styles of BBQ that were born in Missouri. No matter whether you prefer a vinegar or a white sauce, there’s a restaurant in the state doing it and they are the best BBQ restaurants in Missouri. Two of the most distinct styles are Kansas City-style and St. Louis-style, both of which originated right here in the Show Me State and have become some of the most popular styles of BBQ around.

What are the other best hole in the wall restaurants in Missouri?

Sometimes the most incredible restaurants can be hiding behind unassuming exteriors. They may not look like much from the outside, but inside they’re serving up some of the best food in the state. They’re often the places that will remember your face and welcome you like family, adding a memorable moment to an already incredible meal. Some of the best hole in the wall restaurants in Missouri include Pharaohs Donuts in Saint Louis, The Fish Market in Liberty, L.C.’S BBQ in Kansas City, and The Pilot House in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.