Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Thousands Of Hummingbirds Are Headed Right For Mississippi During Their Migration This Spring

Life is unpredictable. However, there are a few things you can count on – and the annual spring migration of hummingbirds is one of them. So, just when will hummingbirds arrive in Mississippi? It won’t be long now! Since they don’t migrate in flocks like other birds, their arrival is staggered; however, you’ll likely notice an influx during spring in Mississippi. There are even a few things you can do to attract the colorful creatures to your yard. Read on for everything you need to know about the hummingbird migration in Mississippi.

Do you anticipate the hummingbird migration in Mississippi? Have you spotted any yet this year? Tell us in the comments section.

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When Will Hummingbirds Arrive In Mississippi

February 17, 2021

Where can I see the effects of the hummingbird migration in Mississippi?

Hummingbirds are a common sight throughout the Magnolia State. However, there is one town where sightings are a bit more common, and it’s Holly Springs. As the town’s mascot, hummingbirds can be found throughout Holly Springs – from the water tower to the marketing materials distributed by Holly Springs Tourism. But the hummingbird fun doesn’t end there. Southern Eatery in Holly Springs serves up Hummingbird Cake. Don’t worry, though. The sweet concoction doesn’t contain actual hummingbirds. Strawberry Plains Audubon Center is likely the best thing about Holly Springs as far as hummingbird fans are concerned. The 2,600-acre Audubon Center is home to over 200 species of birds, including hummingbirds. Providing the ideal habitat for hummingbirds, it’s the perfect place to get close-up views of the lovely little birds.

Is there anywhere I can interact with wildlife in Mississippi?

The chances to interact with wildlife are plentiful here in the Magnolia State. The Hattiesburg Zoo is a great place for animal lovers. At just 12 acres, it’s not huge, but it’s big on animal-related fun, In addition to viewing the animals from afar, the zoo offers plenty of options for visitors to interact with the animals, including sloth encounters and petting zoo-style attractions. Ocean Adventures, a marine park that specializes in up-close encounters with a variety of sea life, is another must-visit for those seeking some wild fun. Located in Gulfport, visitors to Ocean Adventures can actually swim with dolphins and other sea life.

What other ways can I get out and enjoy spring in Mississippi?

The beautiful spring weather presents the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and explore. One place that shouldn’t be passed up is The Mississippi Petrified Forest. Located in the small town of Flora, it’s one of the only petrified forests in the U.S. Even better, you can easily tour the forest thanks to a trail that runs right through it. Another springtime must-visit is Red Bluff, an expansive canyon formed by millions of years of erosion. Dubbed the “Little Grand Canyon of Mississippi,” it’s about ½ mile wide and nearly one mile long. And unlike Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Red Bluff will continue to grow. A true hidden gem, Red Bluff is located near the small town of Foxworth.

Address: Mississippi, USA