The Shack On 184 In Mississippi Is A Roadside Restaurant Worth Pulling Over For

A tiny town of about 200 residents, Silver Creek is unknown to many. The remote community’s biggest claim to fame is probably that the movie Jesse James’ Women was filmed there, but that’s probably going to change. Soon, it’s very likely that Silver Creek will be most known for The Shack on 184, an unassuming roadside restaurant worth pulling over for.

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Between the food and the merchandise, The Shack on 184 is bound to become a new favorite. For more information, call The Shack on 184 at (601) 395-8918. You can also visit The Shack on 184 Facebook page.

So, did you know about this unassuming roadside restaurant? Ever dined at The Shack on 184? If so, what’d you have? How was it? Tell us!

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Address: 29 Shiny Branch Rd, Silver Creek, MS 39663, USA