The Mississippi House Is Among The Most Haunted Places In The Nation

Notoriously haunted sites are plentiful in Mississippi, but did you know one of the nation’s most haunted houses is located right here in the Magnolia State? Dubbed “The Mississippi House,” the small town home is no stranger to spooky occurrences. In fact, the eerie happenings that have taken place in the house have inspired several paranormal investigations as well as a documentary, which will be released in just a couple of weeks. Take a look:

Watch the trailer below to learn more about The House In Between.

Scheduled for release on May 5th, The House In Between will be distributed via the iTunes Store, Amazon Prime Video, all major VOD/streaming platforms, and everywhere that movies are sold. For more information, check out the documentary’s website or Facebook page.

So, ever heard of The Mississippi House? Know of another spooky haunt? Tell us in the comments section.

This isn’t Mississippi’s only notoriously haunted house. Read about another here.

Address: Florence, MS, USA