Tiny But Mighty, The Smallest State Park In Mississippi Is A Hidden Gem Worth Exploring

If you asked people to name the best state park in Mississippi, it’s unlikely that Golden Memorial State Park would come up – and that’s probably because it’s the smallest of all Mississippi state parks. Don’t assume its size means it’s not worth visiting, though. Tiny but mighty, the park is steeped in history and beauty and is the perfect place for some outdoor fun.

Have any questions about this tiny but mighty state park in Mississippi? Since it’s managed as a day-use park, all questions should be directed to Roosevelt State Park at (601) 732-6316. You can also visit the MDWFP website.

So, what do you think the best state park in Mississippi is? Ever been to Golden Memorial State Park? If so, what’d you think? Know of another hidden park in the state? Tell us!

Address: Golden Memorial State Park, 2104 Damascus Rd, Walnut Grove, MS 39189, USA