If There’s One Fall Festival You Attend In Mississippi, Make It The Fall Festival At Landrum’s Homestead And Village

Laurel is a small town that was thrust into the national spotlight in 2016, when it became the setting for HGTV’s makeover show, Home Town. Since the show’s start, fans have been flocking to Laurel to experience its oak-lined streets and historic homes firsthand. However, it’s not just Home Town fans who will want to plan a visit to Laurel – and that’s because the town hosts one of the best fall festivals in Mississippi.

Ready to buy your tickets for this upcoming fall festival in Laurel? Visit Landrum’s Homestead and Village website. Have any questions? Give Landrum a call at (601) 649-2546 or send an email to info@landrums.com.

So, did you know about Landrum’s? What about its fall fest? Ever attended? If so, what’d you think? Know of any other autumn events? Tell us!

While in Laurel for Landrum’s Falls Festival, make sure to spend some time exploring the town. It’s been named one of the best small towns in America.

Address: Landrum's Homestead & Village, 1356 MS-15, Laurel, MS 39443, USA