7 Historic Plantations In Mississippi That Are Being Reclaimed By Nature

Just like any other state, Mississippi has a rich history, and one way that history lives on is through historic sites such as battlefields, churches, and old plantations. Luckily, the state is home to loads of perfectly preserved sites from yesteryear. However, there are some that haven’t been so well taken care of, and sadly, these seven old Mississippi plantations are among them. Take a look! Have you ever visited one of these eerie, abandoned plantations? Let us know!

So, did you know about these historic homes? Or maybe you have another to add to this list? Which old, abandoned plantations in Mississippi capture your imagination the most? Let us know in the comments!

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Mississippi Plantations

December 10, 2022
  1. Can I tour old plantations in Mississippi?  

Absolutely! Touring old plantations in Mississippi is an amazing way to get in touch with American history – dark parts and all – and there are numerous plantations in MS that offer tours like:  


2. How many abandoned plantation homes in Mississippi are there?  

Though an exact number is difficult to say for sure, there are at least a dozen abandoned plantation homes in Mississippi worthy of visiting and/or exploring. Some of the best ones are:  


3. What are some other interesting, abandoned places in Mississippi? 

Of course, the list of interesting, abandoned places in Mississippi doesn’t end with the above entries. Other fascinating abandoned places in MS include spots such as: