Minnesotans are a quirky bunch. Our way of speaking alone proves that we’re just a bit different from even our closest neighbors. And when it comes to the holidays, we don’t stop showing our quirks. From food to shopping to entertainment, our Minnesota Christmas traditions set us apart from others. Here’s our list of 11 offbeat holiday traditions you might run into in Minnesota this year.

Does your family have any special traditions? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking for more ways to enjoy Christmas in Minnesota, take a peek at our previous article about the 11 Most Enchanting, Magical Christmas Towns In Minnesota.

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Minnesota Christmas Traditions

What are some more Minnesota Christmas traditions?

We love Christmas in Minnesota, and each year, we go above and beyond to celebrate the holiday. While we enjoy eating sweet treats during the season, we also like indulging in a warm adult beverage. That beverage is called Tom and Jerry and it’s made with similar ingredients as eggnog. In fact, this cocktail is like warm eggnog spiked with dark rum. It’s absolutely delicious and if you haven’t tried it, then you’re missing out. We also enjoy hot cocoa from local coffee shops. Another tradition that we love is taking a Christmas themed train to a nearby city. This tradition is timeless and will always bring joy to Minnesotans' hearts. Afterall, everybody loves a good train ride. Baking together is also another Christmas tradition that you’ll find in many homes in Minnesota. We love baking holiday sugar cookies in the shape of Santa, Christmas trees, Rudolph, and more. And here’s a previous article with another Christmas tradition in Minnesota

What is the best part about Christmas in Minnesota?

As you already know, Christmas in Minnesota is a big deal. We love seeing Christmas lights, eating traditional foods, spending time with our loved ones, and more. Speaking of spending time with the family, one of the best parts about Christmas in Minnesota is the togetherness. And a favorite activity that we enjoy as a family is to visit a Christmas tree farm and pick out our tree each year. We enjoy this tradition because we spend the day at our favorite tree farm, Pinestead Tree Farms located in Isanti. Besides cutting down our Christmas tree, there is lots to do at this farm. They offer hayrides, photo ops, petting zoos, and more. The kids love seeing Santa and the animals. It’s the perfect way to get ready for Christmas in Minnesota. And if you would like to read about more Christmas tree farms in our state, check out our previous article These 11 Lovely Christmas Tree Farms In Minnesota Are Picture Perfect For A Winter Day.

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