This Charming Restaurant In A Former Minnesota Gas Station Offers An Unforgettable Dining Experience

Looking for a unique place to dine out in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Then you might be interested in the little-known spot we’d like to feature today. This charming little restaurant has a long history. What started its life as a gas station – nearly 100 years ago today – was eventually transformed into a delicious place to grab a bite to eat. Next time you’re in or around Amboy, Minnesota, pay a visit to the Amboy Cottage Cafe. You will not regret your visit to this gas station-turned-cafe. Check it out:

Have you been to the Amboy Cottage Cafe? For more information about the restaurant, including hours, specials, and more, visit their Facebook page. And if you’re interested in other fun Minnesota restaurants that used to be other things, check out our past articles about Minnesota’s schoolhouse restaurant and train depot restaurant.

Address: Amboy Cottage Cafe, 100 E Maine St, Amboy, MN 56010, USA