When it comes to Minnesota’s towns and cities, no two are exactly alike. No matter which direction you travel in, you’re bound to find a unique place with plenty of fun attractions to explore. In the past, we’ve covered some of our favorite unique towns, such as Lanesboro and Lindstrom. But those two barely scratch the surface of interesting towns in Minnesota. Today, we want to introduce New Ulm. It is not only one of the coolest towns in Minnesota, but it is also one of the most unique in the country! Read on below to learn more about this special place:

Next time you’re looking for a fun day trip in Minnesota, we highly recommend a visit to New Ulm. You’ll find evidence of its German heritage everywhere you look, from food to monuments to events!

Have you ever visited New Ulm? What other towns in Minnesota do you enjoy visiting? Let us know by nominating them! Also be sure to check out some of our other favorite quirky Minnesota towns, like Remer, Darwin, and Dawson.

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New Ulm, Minnesota

What are some of the historic landmarks in New Ulm?

Visitors to New Ulm really love the fact that it has several beautiful historic landmarks. Among them is of course the aforementioned Hermann Heights Monument and Glockenspiel Clock Tower. Another is The Harkin Store, dating all the way back to 1871, it is a wonderfully preserved authentic general store. And Schell's Brewery is the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the United States.

What are some other small towns in Minnesota?

In addition to having big major cities, Minnesota is dotted with wonderful small towns. In every corner of the state, and throughout the middle for that matter, you'll find quaint little enclaves that each offer their own unique beauty and charm. Jordan, Lindstrom, Buyck, Litchfield, Lanesboro, Spring Valley, and Greenwood are just a few where you can get your small-town exploration started!

What are some good restaurants in Minneapolis?

Oh, man! It would take probably a week to mention all of the great restaurants in Minneapolis as well as the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area! If you are a foodie, you will find plenty to suit your particular tastes and desires. There is literally everything there from big fancy expensive dining establishments to charming neighborhood bistros, popular chain restaurants, and everything in between. At the risk of leaving some very worthy ones out, a few that you might try include Al's Breakfast, Chimborazo (Ecuadorian food), Kramarczuk's Eastern European Deli (the sausages are amazing!), and My Huong Kitchen (Vietnamese food). You can taste the United Nations everywhere!


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