If you were an unsuspecting person strolling along Eagle Creek in Savage, Minnesota, you may be taken aback if you were stumble upon a place where the creek bends and, at times, the water seems to “boil” – like the famous mudpots of Yellowstone National Park. This Minnesota natural wonder is Maka Yusota, in the Dakota language – otherwise known as Boiling Springs.

Unlike Yellowstone’s mudpots, there’s no real heat involved in making Maka Yusota “boil.” Rather, Boiling Springs’ effect is caused by an artesian spring that lies under the creek bed, and as it flows to the surface, it must push up through the mud at the bottom of the stream. It cannot do so, however, until enough pressure builds up and it “boils” to the top. Once the pressure is relieved, the boiling stops, and the process starts all over again.

Maka Yusota isn’t the only Minnesota natural wonder that bears some resemblance to other bigger, more famous sites. In fact, there’s a mine pit in Minnesota that’s sometimes referred to as “The Grand Canyon of the North.” It’s definitely worth a visit, as well!

Have you visited Maka Yusota/Boiling Springs in Savage? What are some other Minnesota natural wonders that resemble sites in other parts of the country?

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