People do love living in Minnesota. Yet, there are definitely times we forget how much we love our state. It could be when we’re sitting in traffic or standing outside in below-freezing weather. So, here are some reminders of why living in Minnesota is the best!

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Clearly, everyone should want to move here. Go ahead and share this with friends so they know what they’re missing. But don’t convince too many people to pack their things, because we do want to keep some of Minnesota the way it is, empty and gorgeous!

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Living in Minnesota

What are some of the best things about Minnesota?

Minnesota is great for many reasons. Here are a few:

The people who live here have a well-earned reputation for being kind to everyone, even strangers. You’ll notice that right away. It’s often referred to as “Minnesota nice."

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul complement each other and are fun to visit or live in. Something is always happening. You will find thriving businesses, art scenes, great music, excellent food, annual events, and more. 

The towns are clean and affordable. Folks who grow up in small towns in Minnesota appreciate how lucky they are. 

There is always something fun to do at a lake. In the warmer months, swimming and boating are always available. Folks fish year round. Ice fishing is not for everyone, but it’s neat to know it’s happening.

What are some traits of people who grow up in Minnesota?

Some common generalizations about folks who grow up in Minnesota are that they work hard and appreciate the outdoors. If one grew up in Minnesota, they certainly know how to dress in layers and prepare for the elements. This is a good thing. 

Some develop a love for the colder months while others really do not. If one is fond of winter in Minnesota, then they have probably found joy in some cold weather activities like ice fishing, hockey, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. If one looks at winter with sad eyes, then they’ve likely become a reader, artist, chef, conversationalist, or some other sort of indoor activity enthusiast. Most are a mix.

Many who grow up here tend to have a great deal of pride for fellow Minnesotans. Can you imagine coming from a state that produced Bob Dylan, Prince, The Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, Eddie Cochran, and Judy Garland? Most adults from the area have made their way to some of the iconic venues to see live local music, especially First Avenue and 7th Street Entry. On my first trip to Minneapolis, I couldn’t wait to walk through a skyway just so I could get a better sense of The Replacements’ song. I mentioned it to a local I met, and he said, “Ah, yes, Paul Westerberg wrote that one.” As if he knew him personally and appreciated my kind words for the music. So cool. 

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