This State Park In Minnesota Is So Little Known, You’ll Practically Have It All To Yourself

There’s always something to do in the Land of 10,000 Lakes! With 66 state parks in Minnesota, you could easily visit one per week and be occupied for a year – and that doesn’t even count the many state recreation areas, scientific and natural areas, and state byways. Many of these spots are wildly popular, but others are much less well-known. Today, we want to introduce a state park in Minnesota that is so little known, you’ll practically have it all to yourself. Next time you’re looking for a nature getaway, head to Kilen Woods State Park. This quiet spot is sure to become one of your new favorite secret spots! Check it out:

Have you been to Kilen Woods State Park? What are your other little-known parks in Minnesota? Let us know in the comments or by filling out our nomination form. And if you’re looking for more quiet places to visit, check out our road trip to 5 of Minnesota’s most underrated state parks.

Address: Kilen Woods State Park, 50200 860th St, Lakefield, MN 56150, USA