If there’s one thing to know about Minnesotans, it’s that most of us are immensely proud of our more than 11,000 lakes. For many of us, it’s our favorite form of entertainment all year long. Summertime brings swimming, winter brings pond hockey, and every season brings fishing. Because Minnesota lakes are used for recreation so much, it is important to protect them.

Unfortunately, many Minnesota lakes are infested with invasive plants, animals, and diseases. These invaders damage ecosystems, harm boat and docks, and cost millions of dollars in damages. Read on to learn about Minnesota’s aquatic invaders, including how they spread, the damage they cause, and how to stop them from spreading.

To preserve Minnesota’s lakes and waterways for the future, it’s important to stop the spread of invasive species. For more tips on stopping the spread of invasive species, as well as a list of infested Minnesota waterways, take a look at the Minnesota DNR website.

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