Hopkins Cinema Is A 3-Dollar Theater That Might Be The Cheapest Family Outing In Minnesota

There’s so much to explore in Minnesota! From restaurants and breweries to state parks and little-known waterfalls, it is rare for locals or visitors to run out of things to do. But sometimes, you just want to relax. Those times are great for sitting down to a good old-fashioned movie. One of our favorite spots to see a movie in Minnesota? The Hopkins Cinema. With its $3 movies, this might just be the cheapest family outing in the state. Take a look:

The Hopkins Cinema is a $3 movie theater that makes for an excellent family outing. A family of four can get in for less than $15! For more information about the theater, including what’s playing, check out the website and Facebook page. And if you love charming old theaters in Minnesota, check out our article about Minnesota’s oldest movie theater.