Did you know that Minnesota has an official state gemstone? It’s not a sparkling diamond, sapphire, or emerald, but it has a beauty all its own. Not only that, but it’s abundant throughout the Land of 10,000 Lakes — especially in areas near the North Shore. Have you guessed what it is yet?

If you’ve lived in Minnesota for a while, you probably knew right away that we’re talking about Lake Superior agates. These beautiful, banded rocks formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. They get their distinct reddish-orange color from the iron deposits prevalent throughout northern Minnesota. When polished, they are absolutely beautiful as jewelry, artwork, or simply decorations.

Precious though they are, you do not have to look hard to find an agate. Instead of hunting along riverbeds and railroad tracks for these gemstones, there is a much easier way. Head up to Cloquet, Minnesota, to search the rock piles at Get Pickin. There, you’re likely to find plenty of agates — and a whole lot more. Keep reading about how you can go crystal mining in Minnesota at this unique attraction!

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Ever been to Get Pickin? For more information about this awesome attraction, check out their website and Facebook page. And if you want to make a day in Cloquet, plan on having lunch at the town’s old-fashioned drive-in.

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Where else can you go crystal mining in Minnesota?

Lake Superior agates are gorgeous rocks that began to form over 1 billion years ago. These gemstones formed from the combination of sulfur and carbon dioxide bubbles in lava mixing with the iron-rich earth and gave way to the reddish-colored bands that we now see on the rocks. These colorful bands make it easy to identify Lake Superior agates, and we located one of the best places to go crystal mining in Minnesota. Along Minnesota’s North Shore is Brighton Beach. Rather than sand, this beach has a rocky shoreline, so it’s not surprising to look down and find some agates washed up alongside other stones. If your idea of crystal mining in Minnesota is done within store walls rather than in the great outdoors, check out Beaver Bay Agate Store, also along the North Shore.

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In addition to searching for colorful Lake Superior agates, there are plenty of other unique things to do in Minnesota. You can satisfy your curiosity as to what it’s like to sleep in a train car or a lighthouse, and you can also satisfy your sweet tooth at the state’s largest candy store! The North Star State is also home to plenty of other attractions you may not initially think to visit, but after reading this list of unique places in Minnesota, you’ll want to make time in your calendar to check them out. Give tank driving a try, or experience what complete silence really sounds like. While Utah may have the Great Salt Lake, Minnesota has its very own Salt Lake, and it’s one of the best places in the state for bird watching.

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