The Sweetest Road Trip in Minnesota Takes You To 5 Old School Chocolate Shops

Minnesota may be famous for its ten thousand lakes, but we have a few other tricks up our sleeves as well. Aside from our incredible nature, awesome people, and plentiful cultural events and attractions, the Gopher State is one of the tastiest places you’ll ever visit. If you have a sweet tooth, consider taking this road trip to six old-school chocolate shops. Along the way, you’ll pass through charming towns, meet fabulous people, and — most importantly — eat some of the best homemade Minnesota chocolate. Read on to learn more about the sweetest road trip to the best chocolate in Minnesota.

(Editor’s Note: Sadly, Just Truffles and Daniela’s Chocolates have had to close their doors for good, however, if you need a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, the largest candy store in Minnesota should do the trick.)

Have you been to any of these chocolate shops? Where do you go to snag some of the best chocolates in Minnesota? Let us know in the comments section.

Can’t get enough of this sweet state? There’s a great deal of indulgence awaiting you! If you’re looking for even more sweet places to visit, you can’t pass up an opportunity to visit the most charming small-town bakery in Minnesota.

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The Best Homemade Chocolates In Minnesota

June 07, 2020

What are the best candy shops in Minnesota? 

The best candy shops in Minnesota include:

  • Minnesota's Largest Candy Store
  • Mall of America

Here in The Land of 10,000 Lakes, we're accustomed to sweetness. Our residents have a pretty sweet disposition, but we each have a sweet tooth that could surprise you. The aptly named Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is expertly armed to address that sweetness craving, and many refer to it as the state's biggest and best sweet shop. If you want to take a miniature version of the road trip above, you can trek around the Mall of America to check out its chocolate shops.

Where are the best bakeries in Minnesota? 

The best bakeries in Minnesota include:

  • Rush City Bakery
  • Schroeder Baking Company

Since 1858, families have been baking up smiles together in The Gopher State. As a result, some of our state's oldest businesses are bakeries. Just take a look at Rush City Bakery,  which has served up some of the most decadent goodies in the state since 1903. You'll find that, as time has marched on, newer businesses began offering much more than just baked goodies. Some places, like Schroeder Baking Company, have established their places of business near magnificent natural landmarks, offering visitors an especially sweet experience... it just takes a little bit of hiking!

What are the most popular foods in Minnesota? 

The most popular foods in Minnesota include:

  • Lefse
  • Cheese Curds
  • Walleye
  • Tater Tot Hotdish

Minnesota, as a part of the Midwest, is overflowing with comfort food. This is particularly important in the brutally cold winter months, as nothing warms a person to the core like a good, indulgent meal. We specialize in ethnic eats like Scandinavian cuisine, including lefse, a Norwegian flatbread made with potatoes. It's one of the top foods in Minnesota worth trying! Other regional favorites include cheese curds, walleye, and tater tot hotdish. If you are an adventurous eater, we look forward to treating you to some of the very best Minnesota has to offer. Don't be afraid to ask locals for suggestions... you'll find that we are a friendly bunch with a love of great food!