These 9 Restaurants Serve The Best Wings In Michigan

The almighty chicken wing. It’s most often the centerpiece of any Superbowl game. While plenty of pizza joints offer wing dings on their menus, sometimes you want a wing that’s just a little more… special, especially now that you’ve got a living room full of hungry football fans.

We did some research and came up with some of the very best wings for you and your Superbowl Sunday guests. If you haven’t already picked some up, or if you’ve got a few more visitors than you expected, we suggest you check these out and run to your nearest wing shop now.

Our mouths are watering uncontrollably with the thought of that spicy, vinegary flavor… But we also know that we don’t know it all in the wing arena, what with the countless hidden wing gems out there. Tell us, what did we miss? Where are you picking up your favorite Buffalo wings? Share the wing love, now!