The Abandoned Small Town Of Fayette In Michigan Is Eerily Beautiful

Few things are quite as haunting as walking through a once-bustling town that now sits abandoned and silent. Michigan is home to many such spots, but the town of Fayette in the Upper Peninsula is especially eerie. Nonetheless, many consider it to be the most beautiful abandoned town in Michigan. Its storied past and rapid decline make it an informative yet humbling spot to visit.

Have you made the trip out to Fayette to explore its long-empty buildings? Tell us about your experience (and any spooky encounters you had) at this abandoned town in Michigan in the comment section.

Address: Fayette Historic Townsite, 4785 II Rd, Garden, MI 49835, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Abandoned Town In Michigan

January 12, 2020

What is the most haunted place in Michigan?

The Great Lakes State was admitted to the Union in 1837, but European settlers flooded onto its landscape well before that. Before them, of course, is a long timeline of history related to indigenous tribes. With so much human influence, it’s no wonder there is now a number of haunted places in Michigan. Perhaps the most famous is the Haunted Old Mill Museum, which operated as everything from a hydroelectric plant to a fabricating factory. If you’re looking for the longest haunted stretch of road in Michigan, look no further than Seven Gables Road.

Where can I go ghost hunting in Michigan?

The trick to finding Michigan ghost hunting spots is 100 percent seasonality. Around Halloween, you see, many places open their doors for ghost hunting sessions, as in the cast of Wayne Historical Museum. You can, of course, enjoy your own unofficial ghost hunt by booking a room at a local bed and breakfast with a haunted history or after a meal at a haunted pub. Not sure where to start? Ask around – locals will surely be able to offer some insight into the most haunted places in Michigan.

What are the best small towns in Michigan?

Small towns rank among the most creepy places to visit in Michigan (especially if they’re abandoned)… but they can also be the most quaint and charming places in the whole world. Michigan’s many small towns have their own personalities, and many boast incredible dining scenes, histories, and other notable features. There’s so much to love about cities like Douglas, Sturgis, and Milford. You may find, however, that some of the most underrated places on the map are also the most magical. Don’t be afraid to explore someplace new – Michigan is magical.

Address: Fayette Historic Townsite, 4785 II Rd, Garden, MI 49835, USA