It’s Impossible To Forget These 5 Horrific Winter Storms That Have Gone Down In Michigan History

Whether you’re a fan of winter weather or you’re constantly counting down the days until springtime, there’s no denying that snowstorms can wreak major havoc on life here in the Great Lakes State. When temperatures plummet and roads are coated with ice, it’s tough to escape the extreme forces of Mother Nature. As the seasons march along, let’s take time to revisit five of the worst winter storms in Michigan history. Winter in Michigan is great… unless you don’t like snow.

Do you or your loved ones remember any of these intense winter storms in Michigan? What would you call the worst storms in Michigan history? Let us know.

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Worst Storms In Michigan History

November 16, 2022
  1. What are some of the worst winter storms in Michigan history?  

Some of the worst storms in Michigan history weren’t necessarily all snowstorms and blizzards, though we do get some pretty epic ones, like: 


2. How common are blizzards in Michigan?  

Thanks to its north-central location in the United States (and its proximity to “Blizzard Alley,” which consists of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska, blizzards in Michigan are not unheard of or overly uncommon. Some notable Michigan and Michigan-area blizzards include:  


3. What is winter in Michigan like?  

Winter in Michigan is a lovely time of year, as long as you’re a fan of the snow. It does get quite cold around here, but don’t worry – there are plenty of fun things to do in Michigan during the winter, like: