Step Inside A Creepy, Abandoned Town Of Mysterious Origin In Michigan

Michigan, believe it or not, is actually home to a number of well-known ghost towns. The remnants of copper mining villages still dot the landscape, though many have faded into mere memories. Some residents move on and never return to their former homes, but some may return time and time again… and a select few make a hobby out of visiting abandoned places. Below you’ll find a glimpse into a mysterious ghost town in upper Michigan that is full of fascinating decaying buildings and vehicles. While its documentarian chose to preserve its landscape by closely guarding its identity, you’ll find in the following images a glimpse at what may be the creepiest abandoned town in Michigan. Read on to see a quick preview of this enigmatic site, and then be sure to watch the full exploration video by YouTube channel BlackSheepTV.

What could have happened to force an entire town to abandon the homes? Take a look at the intriguing footage below and let your imagination run wild:

Please note: Before you consider exploring any abandoned properties, remember that trespassing is against the law. While many ghost towns are open to the public, many are also on private properties. Please respect the property owners’ privacy and enjoy photos and videos like these instead!

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The Creepiest Abandoned Town In Michigan

September 22, 2019

What other abandoned places are there in Michigan?

The Great Lakes State is the tenth most populous state in the nation, and as such one would typically not expect to encounter a great number of ghost towns in Michigan. While the state does have its fair share of abandoned communities, you will also find that it has a number of abandoned places and buildings. The local abandoned asylum is doubtlessly one of the scariest places in Michigan, and visitors certainly won't be surprised to uncover forgotten copper mines. You'll find that even the most mundane communities in Michigan host a haunted place or two that's straight out of your spookiest dreams.

Are there any hiking trails to abandoned places in Michigan?

Michigan is a state full of surprises, especially if you are enthusiastic about adventure seeking. Hiking to abandoned places is truly thrilling, and one of the best abandoned hikes in the state is along an old railroad trail. As exciting as this may sound, exploring creepy places is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are many epic and diverse hikes awaiting the adventurous visitor. If you’re uncertain of which to take, ask a local! They’re sure to have a suggestion that will quench your appetite for adventure.

What ghost towns can you find in Michigan?

While one may not come to this region initially in search of abandoned places in Michigan, some can’t help but fall in love with the sight of Mother Nature reclaiming her kingdom. Fayette is a creepy abandoned town that some have found solace in, and it is just one of several ghost towns in the state. Watson is a community that’s nearly abandoned, and it is one of many teeny tiny communities in Michigan. Whether you want quaint and cute or abandoned and creepy, you’ll find the perfect community for you here in Michigan.