10 Famous Homicides In Michigan That Will Never Be Forgotten

Serial killers in Michigan are considered among the lowest members of society. They’re seen as having no regard for human life. Yet, we seem to have a relentless fascination with them. Their images flood our news reports; they are the subjects of movies, and we can’t seem to take our eyes off the developments of their murder trials. Just like any other state, there have been some famous murders in Michigan. Guilty of some of the worst crimes in Michigan, the state’s notorious killers have cemented their place in history. Here are some of the most infamous Michigan serial killers and murderers.

6) Rudy Bladel, AKA “The Railway Sniper,” was found guilty of killing between three and seven railroad workers in Michigan and Indiana between 1963 and 1978. He was apparently upset about the loss of his job as a railroad fireman. He received three consecutive life sentences and died in prison in 2006.

Having committed some of the most famous murders in Michigan, these men were truly disturbed, but perhaps even more troubling were the so-called reasons for some of these crimes. Which famous murders in Michigan have kept you up at night? Did you know about these famous Michigan murders? What other infractions are among the worst crimes in Michigan history? We want to hear from you, so tell us!

Famous murders in Michigan aren’t the only crimes that have been committed in the state. In fact, you might have committed a crime and not even known it, and that’s because there are some crazy laws in Michigan.

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Famous Murders In Michigan

May 04, 2022

Where is the creepiest town in Michigan?

Serial killers in Michigan aren’t the only creepy thing about the state. There are quite a few creepy places and spooky spots, including Pere Cheney. Located just southeast of Grayling, it’s an actual ghost town and has been abandoned since 1917. The spookiest thing about the town, though, isn’t the deafening solitude. It’s the fact that it’s purportedly cursed. According to legend, the town is built on an ancient Native burial ground, resulting in a whole slew of strange happenings.

Are there any haunted castles in Michigan?

As far as spooky places in Michigan go, Henderson Castle definitely fits the bill. Located in Kalamazoo, the castle has long had a reputation for being haunted. In fact, it’s been featured in three horror movies and is touted as one of the most haunted places in Michigan. The castle, which serves as a bed and breakfast, welcomes overnight guests as well as paranormal investigators and the curious alike. Several ghosts, including that of Frank Henderson, are said to roam the castle’s halls, which means a peaceful night’s sleep is most likely not in the works. However, a visit is pretty much guaranteed to result in some lifelong memories.