These 14 Unique Day Trips In Michigan Are An Absolute Must Do

Ah, springtime in Michigan. That magical time of year when the weather can range between Polar Vortex and easy breezy from one day to the next. This time of year, we can’t invest in a whole elaborate trip because we don’t quite know whether we’ll need a swimsuit or a parka. Herein lies the day trip. Long enough to whet our wanderlust appetite, but short enough that we don’t have to check the 7-day forecast to plan ahead. Here are a few of our favorite low-commitment day trips, no matter where you live in Michigan.

Hopefully by now you are inspired to get out of the house to explore some of our favorite road trip destinations. Please let us know how your trip goes, and if you know of some place you think we should add, please say something in the comments below.