A Ballroom Was Built And Left To Decay In The Middle Of Michigan’s Largest City

It’s no secret that many cities in Michigan, Detroit in particular, are home to abandoned buildings. After all, history doesn’t treat every destination with kindness – and some of the most stunning constructions ultimately fall into disrepair. One such spot here in the Great Lakes State is especially fascinating, as it once served as a popular site for live music, dancing, and other performances. Where was the Grande Ballroom in Detroit? The location and history of this abandoned Grande Ballroom in Detroit are more fascinating than you think.

Did you have the opportunity to attend a show or two at the Grande Ballroom during its years as a rock venue? Were any of your ancestors known to visit the spot in its earliest years? Share your memories and stories of this abandoned ballroom in Michigan with us by leaving a Facebook comment or recommend another history-rich destination in the state by completing our nomination form here.

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Address: Grande Ballroom, 8952 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48204, USA
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Grande Ballroom In Detroit

January 19, 2023

Where was the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan?

The Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan, is situated along Grand River Avenue in the Petosky-Otsego neighborhood. The exact address for this abandoned building is 8952 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48204.

Are there other abandoned places in Michigan?

Yes, there are quite a few abandoned places in Michigan that are worth checking out, as long as they are not on private property. A few of the more intriguing abandoned buildings include:

  • 1. Bay Shore Road Bridge
  • 2. Michigan Central Station
  • 3. Belle Isle Zoo
  • 4. Keystone Bridge
  • 5. Northville Psychiatric Hospital
  • 6. Prehistoric Forest
  • 7. Fayette, Michigan
  • 8. Packard Automotive Plant
  • 9. St. Agnes Catholic Church
  • 10. The United Artists Theatre Building

Many of these abandoned buildings on the list are architectural marvels, including the United Artists Theatre Building. This one, in particular, is situated in Downtown Detroit and was built in 1928. The theater is inside a renaissance revival architectural style building, which is a beautiful sight to see, even in its decay.

What is the eeriest abandoned building in Michigan?

The eeriest abandoned building in Michigan is not the Grande Ballroom, but Packard Plant, also located in Detroit. This once bustling building now sits in disrepair, crumbling from the inside out. The Packard Automotive Plant was located along East Grand Boulevard in Detroit and, during its prime, had upwards of 40,000 workers employed. Over the years, this plant produced tons of luxury cars and other vehicles. Even during World War II, this facility was busily churning out warplanes and other necessities for military warfare. At its height, it was 3.5 million square feet in size. However, when automotive production slowed and shifted directions, the plant eventually started shutting down. It closed for good in 1958 and now sits abandoned. But, this slowly decaying piece of history is still important to the state, although it sits in eerie silence in Detroit.