There’s No Restaurant In The World Like This One In Massachusetts

Anyone who has ever heard a floorboard creak in a pitch black room will tell you – when you take away one the senses, the other four kick into overdrive. That’s the theory behind one of the most unique and adventurous restaurants in Massachusetts.

Dining in the Dark serves up one of the most memorable meals you will ever have. Located at Boston’s luxurious Hampshire House, this restaurant takes mood lighting to the extreme – guests actually eat their gourmet dinner in total darkness.

Here’s what to expect. After walking into this historic mansion on Beacon Hill, you’ll be handed a mask that will completely cover your eyes and put you in the dark for the majority of the evening. Wearing a blindfold heightens your sense of taste, smell and touch, which makes savoring a gourmet meal a mind-blowing experience.

Next, you’ll be guided to your table, where you’ll enjoy a gourmet four-course meal…all without glimpsing at a single thing on your plate. Part of the fun is guessing what you are eating, which means you’ll be focused on the tastes and sensations of the meal rather than your phone or the people at the next table.

There are a few other “blind dining” restaurants scattered around the globe, but this place is special.

Rather than just reserving a table in a darkened room and eating an otherwise normal meal, Dining in the Dark guests come together at specific times for a totally unique experience. Live musicians play during dinner, and you’ll even be treated to a spoken story that will guide you through your culinary adventure.

You’ll be in the dark for about 2.5 hours, but don’t worry: the blindfolds are actually extremely comfy spa meditation masks that allow you to open or close your eyes without letting any light in. And if total darkness makes you really nervous, the restaurant does have optional blindfolds that let a little bit of light come through.

The restaurant can also accommodate allergies, so don’t be afraid of trying whatever’s on your plate!

Since Dining in the Dark isn’t a typical restaurant, it doesn’t have typical hours. You have to reserve a spot for dinner, but buying tickets is a minor inconvenience compared with the awesome memories you’ll make. Check their website for the next dining event and be sure to tell us all about your experience! And if you’re ready for another one-of-a-kind restaurant in Massachusetts, be sure to check out this incredible 18th-century feast-style restaurant in West Brookfield.

Dining in the Dark

Telephone: 617-426-1999

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