The Next Lunar Eclipse Will Be Visible From Massachusetts And You Won’t Want To Miss Out

A total lunar eclipse is coming to Massachusetts this month and it promises to be one of the coolest astronomical events of the year.

This kind of lunar eclipse has a particularly incredible moniker – it’s known as a “super wolf blood moon.” Though it sounds like an event more suited to the Halloween season, the eclipse will be occurring this month on the evening of Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019 and will continue to be visible until Monday, Jan. 21.

The lunar eclipse will be visible in Massachusetts starting at about 10:33 p.m. As the moon will rise around 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 20, it will be high enough for most residents to take a peek. The eclipse will reach totality at about 11:41 p.m. in Boston and about 11:51 p.m. in Springfield.

You’ll be able to enjoy the sight of the fully eclipsed moon until about 12:43 a.m. and a partial eclipse will follow for an hour or so afterwards.

Don’t miss this chance to see this dramatic lunar event! You won’t be able to catch another total lunar eclipse in Massachusetts until May of 2021.