Stare At The Beauty Of Bash Bish Falls, Massachusetts’s Tallest Waterfall

Massachusetts is full of hidden natural treasures, including epic waterfalls in the most unexpected places. While we might not have a cascade as fierce as Niagara Falls, we do have a superbly beautiful waterfall that will inspire you with just as much awe. Better yet, the hike to this waterfall is easy but the payoff is huge. You’re going to love visiting the tallest waterfall in Massachusetts.

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Address: Bash Bish Falls, Mt Washington, MA 01258, USA
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tallest waterfall in Massachusetts

December 19, 2019

Are there any other waterfalls in Massachusetts?

There are so many gorgeous waterfalls in Massachusetts. Doane Falls, located in Royalston, is an absolute must-visit. In fact, this isn’t just one lovely cascade — it’s a series of five waterfalls! Bring your camera and capture its astonishing beauty. You won’t regret it. Wahconah Falls, located in Dalton, is another breathtaking sight. You’ll love listening to the waters rush off the 40-foot peak.

What are the best hiking trails in Massachusetts?

The Shining Sea Bike and Walking Path is one of the best hiking trails in Massachusetts. This Falmouth destination is home to exceptional sights. On this breezy 12-mile trail, you’ll be greeted with peaceful ocean views. Feel the crisp air hit your face and enjoy Massachusetts’ natural beauty. Willard Brook State Forest, located in Townsend, is also home to some peaceful hiking trails. In addition to the shaded pathways, this area has tranquil babbling brooks and stunning waterfalls. You can even spend a night here! Nothing beats pitching a tent under a sprawling Massachusetts sky. To learn more about the state’s best hiking trails, read our article here.

What are the best family-friendly hikes in Massachusetts?

Introduce the young ones to Massachusetts’ beautiful sights at The Pine Hills in Plymouth. This area is home to several hiking trails, and they’re all short and sweet. You will hardly work up a sweat on these breezy strolls! Even the kiddos can get out and enjoy the views. For another fun family outing, venture to the Chapel Brook Falls Trail in Ashfield. This hike is only half a mile long, but it’s full of gorgeous sights. At the end of your quick walk, you’ll reach a pretty waterfall! To learn more about the best family-friendly hikes in Massachusetts, read our article here.

Address: Bash Bish Falls, Mt Washington, MA 01258, USA