Hoosac Tunnel Is A Desolate Tunnel From 1851 Hiding In Small Town Massachusetts

There are plenty of relics from long ago throughout the Bay State, but some have an eerie vibe about them. Hoosac Tunnel is a desolate-feeling tunnel that starts in North Adams and ends in the small town of Florida, Massachusetts. Not only does this tunnel date back to the 1850s, it also holds a scary history within. Given the nickname “The Bloody Pit.” it’s easy to see that Hoosac Tunnel isn’t just any railroad tunnel. There’s a dark and gruesome past hiding behind this small town tunnel, and it’s downright bone-chilling. Let’s learn more about this historic, desolate tunnel hiding in the tiny town of Florida, and afterwards you can go visit if you dare.

Did you know the gruesome history behind Hoosac Tunnel in small town Massachusetts? Have you ever visited it? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Address: Hoosac Tunnel, Florida, MA 01343, USA

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