This Refreshing Massachusetts Hike Will Lead You Straight To A Beautiful Swimming Hole

Everyone loves a bit of sunshine, but sometimes you just want to slip into some refreshing water and cool off. This fun hike in The Bay State will take you through a shady forest and drop you off right at a swimming hole. Here’s what you need to know to try it out and take a dip in Benedict Pond in Massachusetts.

Visit the Beartown State Forest website to learn more about the park. And check out our article for more fun Massachusetts swimming holes!


Address: 69 Blue Hill Rd, Monterey, MA 01245, USA
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Benedict Pond in Massachusetts

July 08, 2022

What is the history of Benedict Pond in Massachusetts?

Benedict Pond is man-made, and was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, as a recreation area for visitors to enjoy in Beartown State Forest. The pond was named for Fred Benedict, who once owned the farmland surrounding the forest. At around 35 acres, today the pond still welcomes visitors for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. There are even campsites where you can camp right on the water.

What are some other Massachusetts swimming holes?

Massachusetts has no shortage of beautiful, natural swimming holes to cool off in on a warm summer’s day. Henry David Thoreau’s famous Walden Pond is a popular spot in Concord, and is the deepest natural pond in the state! Chapel Brook Falls and Shelburne Falls are two popular waterfall swimming holes in Massachusetts where you can take a dip right near the falls. For more, visit our article on the best swimming holes in Massachusetts.

What are some other fun hikes I can take in Massachusetts?

There’s so much nature to explore in the Bay State! All Persons Trail in Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick is a lovely, scenic hike that features waterfalls – and it’s short to boot, at only 0.25 miles. For more waterfalls and a bit of a longer (but still manageable) trek, try the Sages Ravine hike. Sages Ravine is part of the Appalachian Trail and offers a series of waterfalls which can grow to an impressive size depending on the amount of rainfall or melting snow. Dreaming of seascapes? If you don’t mind a bit of a longer hike (6.4 miles, to be exact), you’ll love the Long Point Lighthouse Trail, located near the always charming Provincetown. And if you’re looking for even more hiking adventures, visit our guide to the best low-key hikes in Massachusetts with amazing payoffs.

Address: 69 Blue Hill Rd, Monterey, MA 01245, USA