Massachusetts was at the forefront of the American Revolution, and most places across the state are absolutely brimming with a fascinating history. However, some spots have a darker past than others. Fort Revere Park is one of the most beautiful military landmarks in the state, but it’s also the most haunted fort in the state, one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts. Read on to learn more about this site’s history.

Fort Revere is located on six acres on Telegraph Hill in Hull Village. It was formerly known as Fort Independence before being renamed in honor of Paul Revere. This seaside keep was completed in 1777 and used to defend Boston Harbor for centuries. In fact, it only retired from military service in 1947.

When the Revolutionary War was raging across New England in 1778, over 200 French soldiers who were fighting for the American side were captured by the British. In exchange for the safe return of the French ally soldiers, the colonies agreed to release English prisoners. The newly freed French soldiers were sent to Fort Revere, but a happy ending was not to be. Most of the liberated soldiers died of smallpox at the fort and were buried on a grassy slope beneath the hill.

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Ever since this massive loss of life, rumors of eerie occurrences have plagued the fort. Later soldiers stationed at the fort began to comment on unexplained noises that seemed to come from beneath the fort structures, even where no basement level existed. Strange whispers have been reported in the tunnels below the fort, and some of the most frequently heard stories from modern visitors involve large shadows that loom in doorways or even rush along interior walls with no apparent source.

Of course, skeptics will be quick to point out that Fort Revere is full of long, stone tunnels and cavernous stone rooms. Sounds are bound to bounce around in these cave-like structures. With over half a century of abandonment, the likelihood that noisy animals have taken up residence in the fort is also pretty high. Nevertheless, modern visitors do have a harder time explaining the uncanny shadows that, at times, seem to follow individuals through the tunnels.

The fort also served in World War I and II. Additional quarters, medical facilities, armories, and bunkhouses were built on the hill, and a slew of guns was installed at the fort. Soldiers at the fort sometimes reported hearing the sound of men speaking French in the area around the exterior of the structure, and some even claimed to have seen what they described as the glow and smell of tobacco pipes in unoccupied rooms.

The fort itself is actually in surprisingly good shape, considering its proximity to the corrosive effects of salt air and sea weather.

You can still explore the fortified keep. Poke around rooms complete with old fireplaces, prison cells that are still studded with original iron fittings and bars, and an amazing tunnel system that stretches for thousands of feet beneath the earth.

The fort’s tower is open to the public via a guided tour. Once you’re up top, you’ll be treated to an amazing view of the Boston Harbor and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The grassy areas around the fort are perfect picnic spots, and there are grills and picnic tables available. It’s open from sunrise to sunset and onsite parking is available.

Have you been to this haunted park in Massachusetts, Fort Revere Park? Did you experience anything out of the ordinary when you were there? Let us know in the comments! If you haven’t visited yet and you want to explore Fort Revere, head to 60 Farina Road in Hull. If you feel like testing your courage a bit more by exploring more of haunted Massachusetts, head to the most haunted forest in Massachusetts.

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