Harvest Just Might Have The Most Epic Dessert Selection In All Of Massachusetts

There’s that saying, “save room for dessert,” which implies eating a meal first and then you get dessert. But there are some places that maybe, just maybe, you should eat dessert first. For some of the best desserts in Massachusetts, Harvest in Cambridge’s Harvard Square is the place to go. And why not have your dessert first while you’re here?


Have you tried any of the desserts at Harvest yet? What place do you think has the best desserts in Massachusetts? Tell us in the comments! To learn more about Harvest and to see a menu, visit the restaurant’s official website and Facebook page.

While in Cambridge, check out the marker for The King’s Highway, the oldest road in America. This historic route passes right through Boston and Cambridge.

Address: 44 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA