This One Easy Hike In Massachusetts Will Lead You Someplace Unforgettable

In the sleepy town of Heath, one of the most mysterious sites in Massachusetts is hiding just out of site. The Burnt Hill Stone Circle has a name that sounds straight out of an ancient legend, and it’s equally enigmatic in person. No one knows who constructed this dramatic circle of massive stones, or when the circle was first arranged.

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There are 21 stones in the circle, and some of them are pretty heavy – a few weigh in at over 500 pounds. An early theory held that the stones were originally meant to act as property markers by local 19th-century farmers, but recent research has revealed that the stones have been in their current spots for many hundreds of years longer than that.

Another theory is that the stones were once used as an ancient observatory, due to the way the stones align with the nearby mountains and seem to indicate the locations of some planets. There’s a chance that local Native American tribes may have erected the circle long before Europeans even dreamt of a New World. Since the hill is about 1,850 feet high, it’s a mystery as to how ancient peoples might have transported the stone used for the circle.

Here’s a map of the spot, so you can be sure to find the right area. Please note: this spot is private property and trespassing is not permitted, so please enjoy the view from afar!

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