It’s hard to explain the charm of covered bridges. While a bridge’s purpose is to let us travel from Point A to Point B, this type of bridge serves as a reminder that the journey can be just as important as the destination. It’s much more pleasant to meander along a route peppered with quaint structures that we associate with a simpler time than it is to zip along a freeway. But, is there a covered bridge near Boston? Let’s take a look at five beautiful covered bridges within easy day-tripping distance of Boston:

If you’ve been looking for a covered bridge near Boston, we hope these examples will inspire you to take a road trip to see these historic bridges. What’s your favorite covered bridge in New England? Share a few of your favorite MA covered bridges with a comment.

If you are a fan of bridges in all shapes and sizes, check out our featured article about 19 unique, historic, impressive, awe-inspiring, and yes, even covered bridges in Massachusetts. If you enjoy covered bridges in MA, why not hop in the car (or rent an RV from RVShare) and take this beautiful covered bridges road trip through Massachusetts?

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More iconic bridges in Massachusetts

What are some famous bridges in Massachusetts?


Massachusetts has many historic and modern bridges that capture our hearts. From old wooden covered bridges to modern masterpieces of style and engineering. Here are a few famous bridges in Massachusetts:

  • Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge, Caltrain, MA: This covered bridge was built in 1869 and it is the only Burr truss bridge in the state. It has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1983. You'll find it in the northwest corner of Massachusetts along Lyonsville Road as it crosses the North River.
  • French King Bridge, Erving, MA: This beautiful bridge was once a railroad bridge over the Connecticut River between Montague and Deerfield. It is now a bike and walking path with scenic views of the Connecticut River. It is especially scenic in the fall when surrounded by colorful fall foliage.
  • Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge, Bourne, MA: This iconic bridge spans the Cape Cod Canal and was constructed in 1933 to allow trains to cross the canal. At the time of its construction, it was the longest vertical lift bridge in the world. It is still the second longest in the United States.
  • Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, Boston, MA: This beautiful structure is a more recent addition to Boston's cityscape. It was constructed in 2003 to replace the Charlestown High Bridge that was built in the 1950s. It spans the Charles River in Boston and has become an icon of the city with its massive double tower of steel cables.


Whether you prefer old bridges with a unique history or modern bridges that seem to defy gravity, Massachusetts has plenty of awe-inspiring bridges to enjoy.