Someone Flew A Drone High Above Boston And Captured The Most Breathtaking Footage

Unless you’re fortunate enough to live or work in a tall building with amazing views, you probably spend most of your time at ground level, gazing up. Although many of our city views are impressive from several perspectives, drone footage can transform even mundane things, like rooftop air conditioning systems, into works of art! So just imagine the beauty that a drone can capture when it’s already filming a place with visual appeal.

This footage of Boston was shot by AerialVP, a drone cinematography company specializing in low altitude footage.

You’ll recognize familiar sights such as the Public Garden, the Common, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Zakim Bridge and, of course, our city’s spectacular skyline. With its beautiful imagery and relaxing soundtrack, the video provides an unexpectedly peaceful break from your day.

What was your favorite scene? Personally, I thought the part where the drone seemed to travel backward between the skyscrapers was pretty neat. Let us know the shot you liked best in the comments or on the Only In Boston Facebook page.

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