The Ultimate Terrifying Maryland Road Trip Is Right Here – And You’ll Want To Do It

During the past two months of writing for Only In Maryland, I’ve discovered that Marylanders are REALLY into exploring places off the beaten path. This especially includes dilapidated buildings, abandoned hospitals, and creepy ruins rumored to be haunted. In the coming months I’ll be bringing you some of Maryland’s best road trips, with the very first and scariest one starting TODAY!

You can find the link to this road trip on Google Maps here. This terrifying road trip is full of forgotten towns, spooky asylums, and most important of all, an opportunity to test out Spook Hill for yourself. There are nine locations total and you can start at whichever is closest to you. So without further ado, I bring you Maryland’s most disturbing road trip…

Are you brave enough to visit all nine locations? Remember to click here for the full Google Map!

NOTE: As stated in the article, the abandoned hospital facilities may be highly secured or have sections fenced off. Use your best judgement at these locations.

NOTE #2: I just realized that the map outline looks like an anglerfish. Don’t assume that if you can defeat this map, you can also defeat an anglerfish.