There’s A Mermaid Museum In Maryland And It’s Full Of Fascinating Oddities, Artifacts, And More

Maryland has its fair share of museums. While some of the most well-known ones are located in larger cities, there are others tucked away in small towns and they’re worth seeking out. The following small-town museum is not only fascinating but also unique. It’s all about mermaids! That’s right — check out this fascinating museum in Maryland that all ages are sure to enjoy.

See this museum in all its glory with this walkthrough:

Have you ever been to The Mermaid Museum in Berlin, Maryland?

For another unique spot, check out this mall in Maryland. Located in a historic mill, it’s like no other!

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Address: The Mermaid Museum, 4 Jefferson St, Berlin, MD 21811, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

The Most Mesmerizing Attractions In Maryland

January 12, 2023

What are the strangest roadside attractions in Maryland?

The strangest roadside attractions in Maryland include:

  • RCA Dog. Located in Baltimore, the beloved mascot of RCA, Nipper the RCA Dog, is a fantastic photo stop.
  • Transformers at Lawyer’s Winterbrook Farm. See these massive metal robots on a farm in Thurmont.
  • Noah’s Ark. Newar Frostburg you can see the results of a pastor who said God told him to build an ark and he created a frame of metal.
  • American Visionary Art Museum. This museum in Baltimore has some pretty impressive displays like a kinetic sculpture.

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What are the most enchanting man-made wonders in Maryland?

The most enchanting man-made wonders in Maryland include:

  • Sideling Hill. This rock exposure along Interstate 68 reveals several truly amazing rock striations and formations.
  • Maryvale Castle. This castle resides at a prep school in Lutherville and is a stunningly luxurious sight.
  • Maryland State House. This is a real slice of history as it is the oldest state capitol that is still in use and it has been since 1772.
  • Patterson Park Pagoda. This is the definition of enchanting as it is a gorgeous pagoda that was built in 1881 in Baltimore.

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What are the most amazing historical landmarks in Maryland?

The most amazing historical landmarks in Maryland include:

  • Fort McHenry. This is the place that inspired the Star Spangled Banner and took part in the War of 1812.
  • Edgar Allen Poe House & Museum. If you’re a fan of Poe’s writings, you must see the place where he created some of his best works.
  • St. Clements Island. This is where the first settlers of what later became Maryland landed on the Potomac River.
  • Point Lookout State Park. This is where over 50,000 Confederate soldiers were held during the Civil War.

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