Do you know of a few Maryland myths and legends? While it’s fun to imagine some of the state’s urban legends to be true, others would be downright horrifying if they came to life. If you haven’t heard of Maryland’s mythical Goatman, then sit back, relax, and prepare for one of the most unusual tales imaginable…

Are you familiar with the story of Goatman? Would you be brave enough to visit Fletchertown Road or Governor’s Bridge at night? Let us know in the comments. Did you know there is a haunted bridge in Maryland?

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The Amazing Myths And Legends Of Maryland

What is the story behind the haunted abandoned house in Baltimore County?

The story behind the haunted abandoned house in Baltimore County says:

This house once belonged to the family of Stephen Craig Johnson and his wife and infant son. Stephen was said to have severe addiction issues and in 1983, on Christmas Day, he lost his mind and believed that his son was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and had to die for the sins of mankind. As he went to grab his child, his wife violently struggled with him and then went next door to call the police. The police arrived to find Stephen holding his decapitated son’s body. Now the house is said to be filled with evil.

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What is the story behind Gravity Hill in Maryland?

The story behind Gravity Hill in Maryland goes as follows:

The town of Burkittsville is where the Blair Witch Project was filmed, specifically at a place called Spook Hill. At the bottom of this hill is where it is said that if you park your car there and put it in neutral, it will roll uphill. There is disagreement as to whether this is some kind of optical illusion or if it is the result of supernatural phenomena. 

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What are some of the most haunted places in Maryland?

The most haunted places in Maryland are said to be:

  • Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House. This house in Waldorf was where John Wilkes Booth hid after his assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. People report seeing the indentation of a body on the bed when no one is on it.
  • Fort McHenry. This was a prison for Confederate soldiers of the Civil War and was also a hospital for soldiers in World War I. People claim to see figures wandering the halls and feel like they are being watched.
  • Maryland State House. Located in Annapolis, visitors to this place report seeing the ghost of a soldier from the Revolutionary War roaming the grounds.

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