The Best Sight In The World Is Actually A Road Sign That Says Welcome To Maine

Maine is the largest of all of the New England states; in fact, you could fit all of the other states inside our state. But sometimes, you just have to travel outside of our Vacation Land for an epic trip. After a long drive, tired and weary, you will always see one of the best sights of all: a sign that reads “Welcome to Maine.”

It may be a long trip or a short day’s drive away but when you reach the welcome sign it fills you with peace. You have made it home and you are about to step into your own house, with your own stuff, and most importantly your own bed. This is the way life should be — welcome to Maine!

Here are a few things that make our state great. We have a wonderful and unique national park. Moreover, here are 12 reasons why our people are really the best people.