6 Waterfront Cottages To Stay In For A Picture Perfect Lake Getaway In Maine

Spending a short vacation on the lake is a great way to relax and unwind for a break in routine. If you’re looking for a waterfront spot for a lake getaway in Maine, we’ve found six great spots to choose from. Kayaking, anyone? There are plenty of beautiful options to choose from, the only problem is where to go first!

Planning your next trip is easier with options, and if you happen to take photos on your trip of the beautiful lakes listed here, you should post them in our Maine Nature Lovers Facebook group! We’ll be happy to have you.

Address: Fayette, ME 04349, USA
Address: Monmouth, ME, USA
Address: Mount Vernon, Mt Vernon, ME, USA
Address: Aroostook County, ME, USA
Address: Waltham, ME, USA