Most People Don’t Know These 10 Super Tiny Towns in Maine Exist

We recently highlighted a few small towns in Maine and heard from many of our readers regarding what they classify as a small town. Some felt a small town was anything below a population of 50,000, while others felt that anything above 10,000 should be classified as a city.

To keep this conversation going, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very smallest towns in Maine. City-Data, our go-to source for census, income and residential data for places across the country, reports that there are over 150 towns that have less than 1,000 residents.

To avoid you having to read through such a long list, here are some of our favorite super tiny towns in Maine, from largest to smallest. Take a look and think about passing through for a visit – just make sure to keep your eyes on the road. You may miss them!

Okay, as always, now it’s your turn! Are you from any of these small towns? Know anyone who is? If so, share this so they can chime in and let us know what it’s like to be from a place where a trip to the grocery store is a bit like a town hall meeting!

Note that populations are approximate and reported by the 2010 United States Census Bureau.