There’s Nothing Sweeter Than This Tiny Bakery In Maine That Works On The Honor System

Maine is a sweet place to live. From the views to the fun to the people, life in Maine is pretty delicious. But, if you press us we’d have to say that the most scrumptious part of being in Vacationland is the treats! And who’s to blame us in a state that has both an official state dessert and a state treat? One of our favorite places to enjoy the sweet life here is at this special little bakery. And we do mean little!

Puzzle Mountain Bakery is open throughout the season with heaviest traffic taking place in the summer months. You can learn more about them through their Facebook page.

This isn’t the only bakery that feels like a secret. The world’s freshest breads are tucked away inside this hidden Maine bakery.

Address: Newry, ME 04261, USA