7 Waterfalls In Maine That Are Most Powerful And Best Visited In The Spring

There’s certainly nothing wrong with winter in Maine, but there’s something special about the change of seasons here. As the snow melts and winter thaws, spring arrives with unique things to love and appreciate about the state. High on that list are the powerful waterfalls that are located throughout the state, rushing with the snowmelt in Maine.

What are some of your favorite spring waterfalls? Let us know, we’d love to check them out!

As you start to get excited about the change in seasons, what about a few fun adventures outside? Kick-off spring in Maine with these 8 scenic hikes under one mile.

Address: Rumford, ME 04276, USA
Address: Step Falls Preserve, Newry, ME 04261, USA
Address: The Cataracts, North Oxford, ME 04261, USA
Address: Screw Auger Falls, North Oxford, ME 04261, USA
Address: Dunn Falls, North Oxford, ME 04261, USA
Address: Snow Falls Gorge, West Paris, ME 04289, USA
Address: Coos Canyon, Byron, ME 04275, USA