The One Mesmerizing Place In Maine To See The Northern Lights

It’s true that living in Maine means a typical Northern climate, complete with some rough winters and beaches that feature chilly water even in the midst of a warm summer. But, it’s not all bad! In fact, it’s pretty great. We’ve got the chance to enjoy cozy fireplaces for a bit longer than most states and if you’re a snow lover — well — you’re in the best place in the country! While the list of things we love about Maine’s northern location is long, one of the most beautiful benefits is the chance to see the Northern Lights around three times a year. And there’s no better place to this natural light display than Aroostook County!

You can also see this natural light show at Caribou-Speckled Mountain Wilderness, which is managed by White Mountain National Forest and includes Caribou Mountain and Speckled Mountain. To see when and where the Northern Lights are most visible, check out the NOAA 30-minute forecast here.

And to see the Northern Lights in all their glory over Maine, check out this video:

Moosehead Lake Aurora with thanks to Mike Taylor – Taylor Photography on Vimeo.

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