This Neighborhood Candy Store In Maine Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

We’re just going to cut to the chase here: It’s going to be Halloween in about a month and we’ve got some serious candy brain going on. It’s already lining store shelves and crispness in the air has us practically tasting chocolate and sugar. But, the reality is that we’ve still got over a month to go before we can legitimately eat all the leftover candy that we bought too much of on purpose. While we wait, the only thing we can do is talk about candy. And, this website is no exception. Today, we’re going to tell you about one of our favorite candy stores in Maine: The Goldenrod in York Beach.

The Goldenrod is located at 2 Railroad Avenue, York Beach, Maine 03909 / (207) 363-2621. But hurry, they’re only open until Columbus Day!

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