The Massive Fabric Warehouse In Maine Is A Crafter’s Dream Come True

There’s something about the art of making; visiting a fabric warehouse for raw materials and spinning them into something wholly new! That’s why so many folks in Maine (and, really, throughout the country!) have come to love hobbies like quilting and sewing. Those who do these things know that it’s more than just a hobby. It’s an excuse to buy loads and load of fabric! If that sounds like you, you’ll want to make a trip to Fabric Warehouse in Keene. It just might be the wonderland you’ve been looking for and the best fabric store in Maine!

Fabric Warehouse is

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Quilting and other crafts are a great activities in the Pine Tree State, and luckily for us, there are so many wonderful places to get supplies here in Maine, from fabric stores and fabric warehouses to yarn barns, too!

Address: 104 Washington St, Auburn, ME 04210, USA
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best fabric store in maine

December 07, 2019

Are there any other crafting stores in Maine?

Maine has all sorts of crafting stores, ranging from large chains to locally owned spaces with thoughtfully curated stock. The Art Mart in Portland, Maine has a massive supply of materials, as well as high-end craft supplies for the most attuned of crafters. If you’re looking for the best crafting store in Maine, The Salt Bay Art Supply in Damariscotta is a fabulous place to shop, as is the Artist & Craftsman Supply in Portland, Portland Pottery, and AC Moore, tucked away in northern Maine’s beautiful town of Bangor. Each spot is considered one of the best craft stores in the entire state of Maine, and depending on where you’re visiting they’re well-worth a moment or two.

What other massive stores are in Maine?

Maine isn’t home to many folks, so there are not many massive stores in the state. Instead, you’ll find more traditionally run and locally owned places that are full of character. Maine is known for its hospitality and beautiful outdoor spaces, so when folks visit they can expect just that.

Are there any quilting shops in Maine?

There are quite a few quilting shops that are located all up and down the state of Maine. Mystic Maine Quilts is well-known and located in Chelsea, and Cape Neddick’s Knight’s Quilt Shop is also a local favorite. If you’re ever in Freeport, Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop is a wonderful spot to stop, as is the Fabric Den Quilt Shop in Brunswick and the tongue-in-cheek Quiltessentials Inc in Auburn, a charming crafting store in Maine. A Straight Stitch in Orrington is also a solid place to visit, if you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere served up alongside your shopping needs.

Address: 104 Washington St, Auburn, ME 04210, USA