This Little Bakery In Maine Relies On The Honor System To Sell The Freshest Pies

As Thanksgiving approaches we’ve got just two things on our mind. Turkey and pies. While some believe that turkey is the star of the show for this event, we’d like to argue on behalf of pies. Pies mean that the hard work of cooking the meal is done. They mean dinner is over and that it’s time to wear pants with an elastic waist. Pies also mean sugar and butter and you can’t go wrong with a combination like that. In fact, we’re in favor of calling the entire holiday Piegiving. As you search for the perfect pies, you’ll want to consider this little bakery in Newry. You can order pies for the holiday and, in the summer, their farm stand has a pretty unique way of operating!

Puzzle Mountain Bakery is located at 824 Bear River Rd, Newry, Maine. Check them out on Facebook to see more photos and to keep track of when they’re open. You can order pies directly through email.

This diner in Maine also has some pretty incredible pies. They’re located in Wells and you won’t be disappointed by any variety you try.