These 10 Cider And Donut Mills In Maine Will Put You In The Mood For Fall

The sun’s still shining, the air’s still warm and we’re still loving the summer. But, we’re also realistic. In a few short weeks, this weather will begin to fade and the leaves will turn. The good is that when that happens we have full license to start wearing fleece and we’ve got every reason to start indulging in daily apple cider and donuts in Maine. For some of the best, check out these spots located throughout the state. And, be sure to tell us your favorite spots in the comments.

What brings you to Maine’s orchards? Is it the ability to pick your own apples or is it the ready-made goodies that await you when you’re done? Let us know! And, once fall is in full swing, be sure to stop by this town. It’s perfect for an autumn day!