The Coolest Place To Shop In Maine, Granite Hall Store Is A Unique Shop Right By The Ocean

The Granite Hall Store in Round Pond Maine has been a hub in the Round Pond Village area for many years. You can visit this historic building and see for yourself the glory of stepping back into time at this old-fashioned general store. Nostalgia abounds in this wonderful little establishment. So if you are looking for a really fun shopping trip, then this store in Round Pond Maine is the place for you.

Round Pound is a blink and you miss it kind of town, but if you take your time and explore the history of this little place then you will be pleasantly surprised by the history. The Granite Hall Store has a fascinating history that you must see and then visit to be a part of that same story. Make sure to check their website from the link and see the hours of operation for this little store in Round Pond Maine. 

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Address: Granite Hall Store, 9 Back Shore Rd, Round Pond, ME 04564, USA