Even though New England isn’t known as a popular place for Amish settlements, Maine seems to have more communities than any other state in this part of the country. Most Amish in Maine live in Aroostook County (which also happens to be the second largest county east of the Rockies!). However, one settlement in Waldo County set up a wonderful shop in Unity called The Amish Community Market and Bakery. If you’d like to know more about this well-known (and delicious) destination, I invite you to discover why this is one of the best Amish stores in Maine.

You can learn more about the Amish Community Market and Bakery by visiting its Facebook page. If you’ve already been to this Amish store in Maine, what was your experience like? Let us know in the following comments section. 

Take a look at another Amish business in Unity that we’ve also highlighted. As you’ll learn, this family-run charcuterie shop in Maine operates without any electricity, using an entire barn full of ice for refrigeration!

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Amish Stores In Maine

What are some other good Amish stores in Maine?

There is another Amish shop in Unity that has incredible food. People from all over go to visit this unique restaurant. Following the Amish traditions, The Charutire of Unity has no heat, no refrigeration, and no electricity. The food is unreal, and the way they heat the place with wood stoves is very interesting. But even more so is the barn filled with ice they will use as refrigeration. This is a unique spot and very much worth the trip all by itself. The craftsmanship of the Amish is second to none. They put in the much-needed time and effort to make their structures last. That is why a trip to New England Rent to Own is another great place to see in Augusta, Maine. They are not an Amish company, but many of their outside structures are built by the Amish communities nearby, and they are beautiful. 

What other things are there to do in Unity?

Unity is a quaint town, but like any small town has a lot of history and character. The town might be tiny, but that doesn't mean that you can write off Unity just yet. Check out these things to do in Unity to kick off our recommendations. What to go on a train ride? Unity has you covered because they have a train ride that will run all year round. If trains aren't your thing, then maybe we can interest you in an Alpaca Farm. These animals are cute, funny, and hilarious. Why not extend the stay on an Alpaca Airbnb experience unlike any other? Plan your trip, and we are sure you will agree Unity has some great hidden gems.

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