Covered bridges in Maine hearken back to a simpler time when the transportation woes of the day included how to join two small towns that were separated by a pesky river. Maybe it’s the scenic backdrop, or maybe it’s just because I am partial, but historic Maine covered bridges are somehow more beautiful than any place else I can imagine. If you’re wondering where you can find them, check out this list of 10 covered bridges in Maine that still stand today.

Aren’t you glad you can stop searching “covered bridges near me?!” Have any nice photos of covered bridges in Maine? What are your favorite old bridges to visit in the Pine Tree State? We’d love to see them.

For another beautiful bridge in the state of Maine, check out this man-made architectural marvel. And if you’re in the mood for a little ghost hunting, there’s a really sweet old bridge in Millinocket that’s rumored to be haunted! Would you be brave enough to visit the Brownsville Road Bridge?

For more fun things to do and see in Maine, we recommend taking a cruise through the Airbnb Experiences page for the out-of-the-box opportunities offered by the locals.


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Covered bridges in Maine

What's the oldest covered bridge in Maine?


Maine is a state with a proud and storied history, often found in our small town's old buildings and points of interest, including, of course, many a covered bridge. Many of Maine’s covered bridges date back decades, in fact, offering a unique glimpse into transportation of the past. One of the oldest covered bridges in Maine is known as the Hemlock Bridge. Constructed in 1857, this special destination has been designated as a Maine Historic Civil Engineering Landmark since 2002. It’s situated three miles northwest of East Fryeburg, and is definitely a must-visit for any covered bridge enthusiast.

What are some must-visit covered bridges in Maine?

  • If you're a covered bridge enthusiast like we are here at Only In Maine, you'll most definitely want to check out this day trip that takes you to six of the Pine Tree State's most marvelous covered bridges!
  • One of the big highlights of this epic covered bridge road tour de force through Maine is Babb's Covered Bridge, undeniably one of the most beautiful covered bridges in Maine. It's been reconstructed, but the original 79-footer was built in 1843. Destroyed by a fire in 1973, the replica was opened in 1976. Today it connects the towns of Gorham and Windham.
  • Other must-visit covered bridges in Maine that you'll see on the above road trip are:
    • the Lovejoy Bridge, Sunday River Bridge, and Hemlock Bridge, a trio of covered bridge beauties outlined in the list above!

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